Presentations that Deliver®


Presentations that Deliver® is a practical workshop designed to enhance each participant’s ability to provide persuasive presentations with clarity and impact. During this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Get clear on your message.
  • Design a talk that is tailored to the needs and concerns of your audience.
  • Express yourself with passion, candor and credibility.
  • Deliver an engaging presentation with good mechanics.

Each participant will be filmed using digital technology and will receive immediate personalized feedback. This topic is especially relevant and practical for professionals who want to stretch themselves, get out of their comfort zone and differentiate themselves by becoming truly excellent speakers.


Presentations that Deliver™ is for anyone who gives presentations to small groups or large audiences.  The course is especially helpful for executives and managers who need to provide persuasive presentations in a variety of situations.


Performance Skills

  • Deliver powerful and informative presentations using classic presentation techniques
  • Use the mechanics of voice, eye contact, gestures, stance and movement effectively
  • Gain and hold your audience’s attention by communicating a confident and powerful presence
  • Connect with your audience on a personal level and make a lasting impact

Presentation Design

  • Quickly and easily design a persuasive presentation
  • Create a lasting positive impression with an effective opening and closing
  • Utilize an easy to follow structure to maximize retention
  • Organize your talk by anticipating what your audience needs to hear and likely questions

Audience Involvement

  • Use relevant facts and figures to prove your point
  • Gain your audience’s attentions with powerful and memorable stories and examples
  • Connect with your audience by providing a forum for stimulating questions and dialogue
  • Create lasting memory with visual aids, charts, graphs and pictures

Powerpoint Design

  • Understand how to use powerpoint technology as a supplement to you and your message
  • Quickly and easily create slides to compliment the presentation design
  • Utilize specific guidelines in developing slides that are easy to read and comprehend


Presentations that Deliver can be delivered in one and one-half days or two full days. To schedule your next presentations class: 612.210.7936 or