Own the Table


To shape mutually beneficial transactions between individuals and organizations requires a complex set of skills. More specifically, today’s leaders must be adept at influencing others to join them in their vision. This is not an easy task, and yet, it is an essential skill for those who wish to truly make a positive impact on the organizations they serve.

Own the Table™ is designed to enhance each participant’s ability to influence others by facilitating meaningful conversations, surfacing issues, creating dialogues, and solving problems through collaboration and cooperation. The individuals who possess these skills will have a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace for years to come.



  • Demonstrate credibility and build trust by being thoroughly prepared and committed to understanding the client’s concerns and issues.
  • Develop the core competencies necessary to lead high-level discussions: listening, probing, surfacing issues, clarifying for understanding, and forging agreements.


  • Quickly and easily design a persuasive presentation that addresses your client’s most pressing challenges and concerns.
  • Close every interaction with an agreement and action item necessary to move the transaction along to its completion.


Own the Table is a must for anyone who wants to become a “rainmaker” and close complex transactions skillfully.


Speaking on the Spot™ can be delivered in half-day, full-day or one and one-half days for up to 20 participants. Contact us today to learn more about this session: 612-210-7936 or mike@claritycentral.net.