Mentoring for Success


In today's increasingly "flat" organizational working environment, mentoring has become an essential skill at every level. Mentoring is a means to establishing and developing healthy working relationships by surfacing issues, creating dialogue and solving problems. It is imperative that each manager possess the skills necessary to motivate and guide their subordinates to achieve optimum performance. Mentoring inspires individual performance while binding a team together to achieve a common goal.

Mentoring for Success is a practical workshop designed to enhance each participant’s ability to use specific mentoring skills to create a culture of success. If you ever wanted to give your managers a tool that they can use to and inspire their team to create results, this is it!


This course is especially relevant for those in leadership positions including senior executives, managers, sales, service, supervisors, marketing professionals, technical specialists, financial analysts, public affairs experts, and training professionals.


Mentoring Skills

  • Learn the skills necessary to motivate employees to achieve their peak performance
  • Motivate your employees by helping them "align" themselves with their career aspirations
  • Increase your influence with your team members by helping them reach their potential
  • Improve working relationships by truly understanding what drives each individual
  • Provide a positive support system for employees to set goals, seek guidance and overcome obstacles
  • Develop your team to thrive in a cooperative environment while being autonomous and self-responsible for results
  • Create a framework whereby meaningful communication can take place between you and your staff


Mentoring for Success™ can be delivered in one day or one and one-half days for up to 20 participants. Over 20 participants will require a second instructor.