Managing through Influence


As organizations become flatter and more efficient with fewer levels of hierarchy, it is imperative that today’s leaders possess the skills necessary to influence others with whom they have little or no authority over. This is not an easy task, and yet, it is an essential skill for those who wish to truly make a positive impact on the organizations they serve.

Managing though Influence is a practical workshop designed to enhance each participant’s ability to influence others by facilitating meaningful conversations, surfacing issues, creating dialogue and solving problems through collaboration and cooperation. The individuals who possess these skills will have a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace for years to come.


Managing through Influence™ is a must for anyone who needs to influence and persuade others take positive action including senior executives, managers, sales, service and marketing professionals, technical specialists, financial analysts, public affairs experts, and training professionals.


Facilitation Skills

  • Develop the core competencies necessary to lead high-level discussions: listening, probing, surfacing issues, clarifying for understanding, and forging agreements.
  • Learn the skills necessary to motivate employees to achieve optimal performance.
  • Cultivate cooperation and understanding while being direct and clear.
  • Improve working relationships by truly understanding what drives each individual.
  • Demonstrate credibility by being thoroughly prepared and committed to finding mutually beneficial solutions to complex problems.

Persuasion Skills

  • Master the skills necessary to respond thoughtfully and persuasively.
  • Speak confidently in a variety of extemporaneous and difficult situations.
  • Use interesting and relevant examples, stories and analogies to drive your point home.
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by being expressing yourself with confidence and candor.
  • Discover the effectiveness of open, honest and authentic communication.


Managing through Influence™ can be delivered in one day or one and one-half days for up to 20 participants. Over 20 participants will require a second instructor.