Leadership Development Series


To develop our leadership abilities, we must first look within. What if it were possible to glide through each day as an inspired, efficient and effective professional while inspiring others to do the same?

As we develop greater strength of character, we're able to face the unknown and create possibilities for ourselves and others. Leaders don't shrink from the unknown; they embrace it. Leaders assess a situation, bring people together, build consensus and discover solutions that draw upon the talents of everyone involved.

“What you are thunders so loudly that I cannot hear a word you say to the contrary.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Indeed. If we are going to maximize our effectiveness, it will require introspection, honesty and a willingness to practice new practices on a daily basis. Bottom-line: you will walk away from this talk with a clear understanding of what it will take to truly differentiate yourself in the marketplace for long-term success.


Inspire the Leader Within is for anyone who wants to step up and lead. This course is especially helpful for executives and managers who need to lead and inspire in a variety of challenging situations.



  • Structure your thoughts and persuade others convincingly.
  • Present yourself in every situation as a confident and poised professional.
  • Speak confidently in a variety of extemporaneous and difficult situations.
  • Organize your ideas clearly to deliver your message persuasively.


  • Align yourself with that which inspires you most and become a champion for what you believe is the best course of action.
  • Take complete responsibility for your success no matter what the challenge.
  • Tap into your strengths, creativity, and unique talents.
  • Embrace all challenging situations, circumstances, and people as an ongoing growth process


  • Don’t take yourself too seriously and be willing to take risks and experiment with new behaviors.
  • Respond skillfully to every situation and provide balance and stability within your team.
  • Manage your mind, stay present, see what is being called for, and act decisively.
  • Do more than expected.  Anticipate what your subordinates, peers, managers, and clients really need from you and then…do more. 


Inspire the Leader Within can be delivered in one day for up to 20 participants. Over 20 participants will require a second instructor.