Executive Presentations that Deliver


Executive Presentations that Deliver™ is an advanced course designed to enhance each participant’s ability to provide persuasive presentations with clarity and impact.  Each participant will be filmed using digital technology and receive immediate personalized feedback.

In addition, the participants will be given one day to design, research and develop a “real-life” executive level presentation to be delivered to their managers and colleagues on the morning of day two.

This topic is especially relevant and practical for executives who want to stretch themselves, get out of their comfort zone and differentiate themselves by becoming truly excellent speakers.  This session is not for the faint of heart, but well worth the effort and lasting results!


Executive Presentations that Deliver™ is for those executives, directors and leaders who are ready to step their game up and differentiate themselves by delivering powerful and persuasive presentations.


Persuasion Skills

  • Structure your ideas in a logical and concise format to provide a compelling message.
  • Gain and hold your audience’s attention by communicating your message clearly and concisely.

Performance Skills

  • Use the mechanics of voice, eye contact, gestures, stance and movement effectively.

Presentation Design

  • Quickly and easily design a persuasive presentation that is tailored to meet the specific needs and concerns of your audience.

Audience Engagement

  • Create a lasting message with stories, examples, facts, visual aids, charts, diagrams and pictures.

Slide Design

  • Utilize specific guidelines in developing slides that are attractive, interesting and easy to understand.

Executive Presence

  • Convey a relaxed, confident and inspiring presence from the moment you walk into the room.
  • Field difficult questions with the confidence and ease that comes from thoughtful preparation.


Executive Presentations that Deliver™ is an accelerated program and can be delivered in one and one-half days or two half days. To make the best use of the time allotted, this course is limited to 10 participants.