Coaching for Leaders

Our Philosophy

At Clarity Central, we view coaching as an honor. As client and coach, we form a partnership designed to support you in "being" your very best self. While what you "do" is important, it's who you "are" that makes all the difference in the end.

"If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living."

- Joseph Campbell

Our approach to coaching is based upon the premise that we each have the ability to "find" our own answers within us. By questioning the validity of our thoughts, we open ourselves to new and exciting possibilities. As your coach, we will provide questions and insights to uncover your own inner wisdom and guidance. As the client, you are responsible for taking the actions necessary to create lasting results.

We are committed to:

  • Providing support for you to fully express your authentic-self in all parts of your life.
  • Seeing you as a powerful, whole and capable individual.
  • Creating a supportive environment in which new possibilities and inspiration can emerge.
  • Engaging in open, honest and meaningful conversations that guide you to clarity.
  • Challenging you to expand your awareness to allow for new choices.
  • Encouraging you to adopt sustainable practices that support your personal and professional excellence.

Professional Development Coaching

In these complex times, executive coaching has emerged as a highly effective and sustainable method of creating extraordinary results. Great leaders recognize the importance of creating a culture of sustained excellence. To that end, your executive coach is your personal strategic partner in helping you discover how closely your words and actions align with your stated purpose as a leader. Effective leaders realize that success does not happen by accident. Rather, it is the result of an intention to create an environment where each team member is inspired to contribute their very best toward a common goal.

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

What is it that you want most in life? The philosophers remind us to, "Become a light unto ourselves." One can stay huddling on the pond with the other ducks or, like an eaglet, listen to our intuition, step to the edge of all that is comfortable and familiar, spread our wings, and jump. Life will never forsake that kind of courage. We at Clarity Central are deeply committed to creating an environment that supports and inspires those who wish to live a fully authentic, spontaneous, joyful, and a balanced life.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs - ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive."

-Howard Thurman

Team Effectiveness Coaching

Communication is at the core of a company's success. Group coaching creates a culture that allows individuals to fully express themselves within a team. New behaviors and practices become the norm with a curiosity about others' perceptions and ideas. Your coach will assist you in accepting and valuing differences while challenging your assumptions. Likewise, your coach will help create a "no excuse" environment in which team members practice clear and candid communication that leads to positive results.