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  • 3M
  • Accruent Software
  • Aderant Software
  • ALS Association
  • American Academy of Neurology
American Association of Critical Care Nurses*
Client Testimonial

Mike Foley provided our audience of nurses a fun and unique learning experience as our Keynote Speaker at our annual Fall Critical Care Symposium. Through engaging audience interaction, he provided us the tools to identify our distinctive traits and empowered us to move outside of our comfort zone and Step Forward using more effective communication techniques. Some comments from participants included:

"Mike's presentation was amazing! I can take that right back to work with me and use it."

"I can see now why my 'nice and accommodating' mannerisms aren't the best- I'm going to work on moving over to the other side!"

"That was so entertaining with how he got us to work together- a very fun talk!"

Mike's engaging presentation was a perfect start to our conference! I highly recommend him!

Mary Sayler, RN, MSN, CCRN
GTCAC-AACN Chapter President
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
  • AmeriCorps
  • Arrow Electronics
  • Bay West
  • Big Machines
  • Boston Scientific
  • Bullhorn
Business Incentives*
Client Testimonial

"I am pleased to recommend Michael Foley as a facilitator for the class Authentic Leadership. We recently offered this class to our associates and it was very well received.

Michael's facilitation skills contributed greatly to the value of the class. Evaluations from those who attended were consistently very positive and confirmed that the content was beneficial. As a result, we are planning to bring Michael back again to do more sessions on this topic. I'd be glad to provide any further information."

Karen Kitchel
Director of Training
BI University
Business Incentives
Client Testimonial

"As a result of coaching with Scott, I have helped others help themselves to be the person they want to be and not necessarily the person that I want them to be. I have a better understanding of how to fit work into my life with balance. I have declared who I am and am being that person."

Tom Murphy
CEO / President
  • Catholic Charities
  • Center for Diagnostic Imaging
  • City of Brooklyn Park
  • City of Minneapolis
City of St. Louis Park*
Client Testimonial

"We have hired both Mike Foley and Scott Nelson. They are remarkable presenters. They presented a Comprehensive Communications Boot Camp. They are knowledgeable, understanding, and dynamic. The responses by those attending included: practical, wow, worth my time, I learned things I can use right now, bring them back, great, thank you…They got rave revues! We will have them back."

Bridget Gothberg
Director Organizational Development
City of St. Louis Park
  • Datacard
  • Deluxe
  • Digi International
  • Donaldson
  • Dorsey and Whitney
Client Testimonial

"Presentations that Deliver was an action packed experience unlike anything I have ever done before. The class consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone for two consecutive days absolutely forcing me to practice, practice, and practice again my ability to think on the spot and give high level presentations."

Steven Lundberg
  • Express Scripts
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Foothill Investments
Ford Motor Company*
Client Testimonial

"We recently engaged Mike as our key note speaker to present his Speaking on the Spot® material during a negotiations training event that included over 200 HR and Manufacturing Operations leaders responsible for negotiating contracts at 65 of our plant and warehouse facilities. The audience was skeptical at first due to their low tolerance for spending time on what is perceived as "soft skills." Within minutes Mike had the group engaged, participating and learning. His fast paced, zero "fluff" approach grabbed the attention and interest of the participants which rated the highest score on the evaluation survey compared to the other very tactical and technical material on the agenda. The feedback was so positive that we are inviting Mike back for a second session to further develop the skills and knowledge of our leaders out in the field. His style and material are top notch!"

Mary R. Anderson
Manager, Union Relations
Ford Motor Company
GE Healthcare*
Client Testimonial

The following comments from our managers capture the spirit of Speaking on the Spot® best:

"I've got 21 years of experience and this is the best course I've ever taken. I needed it 21 years ago!"

"Thanks for getting this course on the schedule. It was truly great!"

"We had a week of training and if the other four days had been a complete waste, the one day of Speaking on the Spot® would have still made the entire week worthwhile!"

Tom Jones
Service Operations Program Manager
General Electric
  • General Mills
  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Great Plains Software
  • HID Global
Hormel Foods Corporation*
Client Testimonial

"Speaking on the Spot® has been our most requested communications course ever. Our employees have really responded to the practical, yet high-level techniques taught in this class. In addition, they can immediately begin using their new skills to improve confidence and clarity."

Randy Krug
Manager, Learning and Development
Hormel Foods Corporation

"We have embraced the services of Clarity Central as an integral part of our training program for the Consumer Products Sales Division of Hormel. We worked closely with them in developing an Executive Presentations course for our high potential employees. The content is outstanding and customized to be used in the work place. Attendees of our training sessions always give Clarity Central modules high ratings for content, interaction and application."

Kurt Mueller
Sr. VP Sales
Hormel Foods Corporation
Hormel Foods International*
Client Testimonial

"This was a fast paced, engaging workshop that delivered valuable lessons in creating effective dialogue to drive results. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve communication and collaboration in their workplace."

Tim Barinka
Vice President
Hormel Foods International
  • IBM
Client Testimonial

"I have seen increased confidence in our presenters, improved clarity of content, and more engaged audiences as a result of the one-on-one coaching sessions with Michael Foley of Clarity Central.""

Mark Lucas
Chief Executive Officer
Imation Corporation
  • Institute of Packaging Professionals
Institute of the Himalayan Tradition*
Client Testimonial

"Mr. Foley humorously gets under your skin. He slips before your eyes that inescapable mirror of self-knowledge that can't be evaded. Again, he wakes you up through the trails of your own career and life history. He won't allow you to remain complacent at your current resume about life's meaning. Now, given the revelations that stir in your mind, you must decide afresh which way to go from hereon. Careful: knowing this man can imperil your comfort level. Having been a Director of local and international conferences for thirty years, I would not have another one without inviting this gentleman. As for his workshops and seminars, standing room only is customary."

Justin O'Brien, Ph.D, Author
The Wellness Tree
Institute of the Himalayan Tradition
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • ITT
Jennie-O Turkey Store*
Client Testimonial

"Presentations that Deliver™ has been our highest rated course because our team members have been able to immediately put these skills to use in their everyday work situations. Mike deftly creates a comfortable confidence-building atmosphere where our employees have been able to put aside their fear of speaking to present their ideas confidently and clearly. This class doesn't rely on gimmicks and flash but basic exercises and skill practice. Instead of leaving classes with speaking "rules"; our participants leave with speaking "skills"."

Marie A. Doran
Manager of Communications, Education, and Training
Jennie-O Turkey Store
Lanyon Solutions, Inc.*
Client Testimonials

"Managing Through Influence was one of the most practical yet insightful courses I have been through in my professional career. I have since been able to apply its lessons in my daily interactions, expanding my comfort-zone as I put into practice the tools for speaking concisely and confidently."
Darcy Tabor
Manager of Communications, Education, and Training
Lanyon Solutions, Inc.

"I was a skeptic coming into this session but learning techniques like the “rule of three” were particularly beneficial. This helped me craft additional learning exercises with a focus on concise and clear communication. It also helped to open our minds on the reality that business gets done more effectively if you can influence the result versus dictate the result. I will gladly spend again for Mike’s services and have now recommended his work to others within my organization to cultivate their teams."

Jesus Moreno
Director of Customer Success
Lanyon Solutions, Inc.
  • Lifetouch
  • Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company
  • Mail Systems Management Association
Medtronic, Inc.*
Client Testimonial

It was a pleasure to have you as our guest speaker. Your talk Losing the Junk in Your Trunk was a hit with our customers and faculty. Your enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious and helped to create a successful environment for learning. Here are some of the comments from our attendees:

"Mr. Foley's talk was a great way to end the day.thanks for the laughter!"

"Guest speaker was excellent! Thank you."

"What a great speaker! I appreciate Mike's enlightening insights."

Patty Brill
Patient Marketing Manager, and Training
Medtronic, Inc.
  • Metro Urology
  • MicroEdge Software
  • Minnesota Area Senior Workers Association
  • Minnesota Dental Lab Association
  • Minnesota School Nutrition Association (MSNA)
  • Mitratech
MoneyGram International Marketing*
Client Testimonial

"I recently put my national account marketing team through the Presentations that Deliver® program. I felt it was very important for our group to be the best at their game in front of our highest profile accounts for our business. The results were amazing. Not only did the whole team enjoy the learning process, but they were able to put their new skills to work immediately. In fact, at the next marketing meeting with the entire marketing organization we were commended for our great presentations and it was duly acknowledged that the whole department could benefit from the training. I personally think everyone from top down can greatly benefit from this training whether for internal presentations or external. It was fun, engaging and extremely hands-on useful for improving our skills. One of the best investments I've made on behalf of our company!"

Andrea Mallen
Director, Marketing & Global Brand
MoneyGram International Marketing
MoneyGram International HR*
Client Testimonial

"MoneyGram International has been utilizing Speaking on the Spot® for several years. Comments from participants indicate a high level of learning in a safe and structured environment. Due to word of mouth, the Speaking on the Spot™ classes fill up completely and generates a waiting list. At a time when ethics and integrity are once again in the forefront of corporate life, it is critical for everyone in the organization to understand how and why to conduct authentic conversations on a regular basis. This class helps them do just that in a way that is comfortable, natural and sustainable."

Kate Mouton
Director of Training
MoneyGram International
  • MRI Software
  • Nextech
  • Nordic Ware
  • North Central Business Travel Association
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Norwest Bank
  • Pillsbury
Proto Labs*
Client Testimonial

"Michael Foley delivered the keynote address for our sales kickoff with such genuine humor and energy that it ignited my team and set the tone for a fantastic day. The Speaking on the Spot content totally hit the mark and gave my sales team the skills necessary to effectively communicate our services with confidence, passion, and integrity. The feedback from the team was the most positive I have ever received for any sales training!"

Kathy Mayerhofer
Director of Sales
Proto Labs
The Prouty Project*
Client Testimonial

"I had the pleasure of working with Mike and Scott as I prepared for a presentation on Strategic Planning to be delivered to 75 CEO's. I was so impressed; what really counted was the way in which they challenged me to be authentic and think about what would be most interesting to my audience. This really helped to build my confidence and put me at ease - they were right on!"

Mike Felmlee
The Prouty Project
  • Relias Learning
  • Ridgeview Medical Center
  • Sales and Marketing Association of Fargo-Moorehead
School Nutrition Association*
Client Testimonial

"Michael, your reviews were excellent! It's hard to find speakers that can relate to our diverse audience. You were able to engage our industry leaders as well as our school nutrition directors. Everyone really enjoyed your presentation. Thanks once again!"

Katie Wilson PhD
SNS, President
School Nutrition Association
  • Seagate
  • Star Tribune
State of Minnesota Health and Human Services*
Client Testimonial

"Michael recently facilitated Authentic Leadership during the final session of our Spirit of Leadership program. His energetic style brought out our creativity in unique and exciting ways. We returned to work with a plan for how to recapture our own passion and vision!"

Linda L. Anderson
Deputy Commissioner, State of Minnesota
Department of Human Services
  • SumTotal Software
Client Testimonial

"Over the course of nine hours Michael delivered training value of over one week. Michael tells it to you like it is and clearly identifies what needs to be improved. He also has an uncanny ability to discern what your strengths are so that you can leverage them in fully engaging the audience."

Patrice Nedelec
Vice President Client Experience
  • Taxware LLC
  • Mitratech
  • Thomson Legal and Regulatory
Travelers Express*
Client Testimonial

"Authentic Leadership was an excellent class and left the participants feeling renewed and energized. Michael does a great job conveying the idea that we all have choices in how we want to live and work. This course sets the stage for exploring our attitudes at work and how it impacts our career goals."

Diane Burnett
Manager, Learning and Development
Travelers Express
Twin Cities Compensation Network*
Client Testimonial

"Great thought-provoking speaker with content that applies to both work and personal life. Focusing on personal growth and development or other "non-compensation" topics is a nice change of pace and helps us keep our perspective on work and life."

Luke Malloy
Twin Cities Compensation Network
  • United Healthcare
  • University of Minnesota Humphrey Schools of Public Affairs
University of St. Thomas*
Client Testimonial

"Authentic Leadership was a fun and interactive experience. It also provided many tools and activities that are pertinent to my day-to-day work. I would highly recommend this class for anyone looking to maximize their potential."

Victor Massaglia, Program Manager
The Management Center, Graduate School of Business
University of St. Thomas
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
U.S. Navy*
Client Testimonial

"We greatly appreciate your work. The participants gave you awesome testimonials:

Instructor and course were excellent. I would like to see this course more aggressively promoted to my coworkers and superiors. Time was very well spent.

The instructor obviously likes his work. He was most enjoyable and worked with everyone to ensure they understood the material and objectives of the class. I recommend this course to anyone who communicates with others.

Kudos to Michael Foley! He was a refreshing change from our previous instructors. His book and materials were creative and user friendly. He captured the student's attention by balancing the seriousness of authentic conversations with wit, humor and intelligence."

Deborah A. Green
Community Development and Training
Naval Facilities Institute
U.S. Navy

"Presentations that Deliver™ was wonderful!"

"Michael Foley provided great tips for speaking on the spot, preparing, creating, and delivering presentations. I am much more confident in my ability to deliver a message and better prepared for my next presentation. I HIGHLY recommend this class!"

Rosalyn Remulla
Naval Facilities Institute
U.S. Navy
Vista Equity Partners*
Client Testimonial

"My job involves daily presentations and constant selling. When I worked with Mike, I expected marginal improvements. Instead, I made major strides after just two days of training. Since my time with Mike, I have received multiple compliments about my new found energy and succinctness."

Marc Teillon
Senior Vice President
Vista Equity Partners
Vista Consulting Group*
Client Testimonials

"I have worked with Mike extensively over the last 15 years. He consistently earns stellar responses/ratings from even the most difficult audiences. He is a polished professional that is able to convey his message with passion, authenticity, and professionalism. He is a rare find in a field where we find too many average speakers. I can't speak highly enough of him and his programs."
Ann McCloskey
Program Director – Executive Development
Vista Consulting Group

"Managing through Influence is the foundation for establishing and maintaining effective and impactful conversations and agreements. The lessons learned in this course can be applied in daily interactions with everyone from executive-level to entry-level individuals throughout the organization. After completing this course, I am significantly better equipped for effective cooperation."
Stacey Richey
Senior Recruiter
Vista Consulting Group
Wells Fargo Retail*
Client Testimonials

"Mike Foley's presentation of Speaking on the Spot™ was simply outstanding! Not only was it informative, but also entertaining and well paced!! Mike's ability to share an extremely informative message is sensational, and on top of that, the information and materials presented gave us tools we could place into practice immediately in both our professional and personal interactions. This was one of the most useful and worthwhile training sessions I can ever recall attending in my 20+ years and is now a "must" for my team going forward!!!"

Leif B. Nygaard, CIA, CBA, CFE, CFSA, CRM
Vice President & Regional Services Director
Wells Fargo Retail

"During the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Clarity Central, and the recent presentation by Scott Nelson was one of the most effective sessions I’ve experienced. Scott’s enthusiasm and approachable training style delivered an authentic and interactive experience for my team. If you’re looking to develop personal effectiveness and skills that allow you to ‘bring your best self every day’, Scott presents an outstanding program that will enhance your teams’ awareness and engagement."

Ron Hill
Director, Policy and Process Design
Wells Fargo Retail
Wells Fargo Wholesale*
Client Testimonial

Speaking on the Spot™ was the best session we've ever had at our annual offsite. It was fun, fast-paced, informative and practical. Based on the feedback below, we will definitely be in touch for a return visit:


"What a fabulous topic! I loved the interaction and practice."

"WOW! What an excellent session - best speaker we have had!"

"Very interactive and fast-paced. Learned practical speaking skills that I will use immediately."

Susan M. Engebretson
Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo
  • Zyware Software